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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Maximum Ride: School`s Out - Forever (Book 2) by James Patterson

ATTETNION: If you have not read the first book in the series scroll down to the bottom of this post and look in the LABELS for the link The Angel Experiment.

Action, Thriller, Adventure, Mystery, Science Fiction
Rating: 5
Pages: 368


(Note: I thought the summary for this book was better off copied from the book. So here it is...)

Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gasman, Angel and Maximum Ride: six incredible kids genetically engineered with the ability to fly, free as birds...until Max and her gang are discovered by an FBI agent and forced to face their worst nightmare. Yes, you guessed it-school. That is the abominable place where they learn everything except how to survive as winged mutants relentlessly hunted by killers...

Flock Report Card:
Computer Skills: A. Can hack into any computer at lightning speed-bonus in a quest to locate missing parents.
Scientific Research: B-. Score points for discovering source of a diabolical plot, but often fail to identify clones and imposters.
Extreme Sports: A+. Earn extra credit by trading Dumpster diving for supersonic travel, aerial ballet, and flying with dogs.
Dating: C. Relationships with non-winged peers improve. Need work on picking suitable mates.
Discipline: D. Setting off explosives, stealing hidden documents, and harassing faculty are no-nos – even if the headmaster is evil.
Saving The World: This is a pass/fail course...

Why Read it?

I hope your ready for another thrill ride because here it comes. James Patterson has continued the Maximum Ride Series and it’s about to get even more pulse-pounding, with twists and turns that are going to come out of nowhere. If you loved the first Maximum Ride book, you’ll go bird crazy for this! Keep your feathers on will you! Sheash...

My Thoughts

I don’t know where to begin, because I read this so fast my head is still spinning. Let me think. Right, Maximum Ride and her gang or should I say flock are back in a second book.
I wish that I could have dedicated an entire day to reading this book, however it’s really hard to do when I have school, and every chance I get I’m reading it. Eventually, I was able to take Friday night and just read the entire book.
Yes, I guess you could say that I am loving the series!
Apparently, the characters are not well developed according to a few reviews I’ve read. I think personally, that it’s difficult to stop, take the time to develop six characters in these lightening-speed-paced books. However, I believe that the characters are actually well developed. What do you think?
I love Max’s ability to be strong, independent and sarcastic. The fact that... A) she hates girly stuff, B) refuses to show emotion, C) is a terrible cook, D) acts like she’s a mom, and E) knows a lot of swear words and sometimes uses them but tries not to shows that she has a matured far beyond anyone. It also shows that she is a reliable leader who loves her flock to pieces. However, she is burdened with a bunch of kids, people trying to kill her and her family (the flock) twenty-four/seven and lack of food and shelter which produces the flaw of swearing. I think she should be allowed to swear as much as she wants, to be honest. And the nice thing about it is, she does her best to keep those words locked up around the flock.
I’m not going to describe the rest of the flock. But I’d say the characters are pretty well developed. They are all well developed but Angels, the Gasman’s, Nudge’s and Iggy’s parts aren’t as big as hers. In fact, their parts in the book are not equal. Fang, on the other hand, probably has the second biggest part. However, he’s a little more hard to figure out because he’s so quiet and mysterious, his two biggest traits.
What do you think? And I hope you enjoy reading the second book! It’s so worth buying!

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