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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Twilight: The Graphic Novel (Volume 1) adpated by Young Kim and written by Stephenie Meyer

Pages: 224
Genre: Graphic Novel, Fantasy, Romance
Rating: 4


(Note: I copied the summary from

When Isabella Swan moves to the gloomy town of Forks and meets the mysterious, alluring Edward Cullen, her life takes a thrilling and terrifying turn. With his porcelain skin, golden eyes, mesmerizing voice, and supernatural gifts, Edward is both irresistible and impenetrable. Up until now, he has managed to keep his true identity hidden, but Bella is determined to uncover his dark secret...

Why Read It?

Why not read it? I mean its Twilight all over again in a new and fresh way. You may or may not like it, but why not give it a try? If you’re a graphic novel reader or not this illustrated copy of Twilight (vol. 1) will most likely blow you away all over again. I believe this is a must-have for any Twilight fan.

My Thoughts

Even though I’m a big fan of Twilight, I really had no intention to read this graphic novel. It wasn’t because I was worried about how Young Kim would present it, it’s just that I don’t really care for graphic novels.
However, one day my friend and I were sitting in the book store and just looking at books and she insisted that I read it. It didn’t take me long, of course, but I did take some time to admire the pictures. I found it quite a addictive and I finished it right there in the store because we A) had the time and B) I had no intention of buying it. However, I am considering it.
The graphic novel was no a strict interpretation of the books or movies, which was actually a nice change. Maybe some people would have preferred the pictures to resemble the actors a little more, maybe not. I was quite content with it the way it was.
I cannot and will not try to pick out flaws in this graphic novel for the main reason that I do not read graphic novels and this is the first one that I have read.
I enjoyed this enough to read it again, maybe if I simply want to refresh my mind on the first book. All in all, though, even though I wish all the drawing had colour, it was great.

P.S. This is only volume one, so it was not the entire book and I am looking forward to volume 2.

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