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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Because I Am Furniture by Thalia Chaltas

Novel in Poem, Tragedy
Rating: 3/5
Pages: 352

"I am always there.
But they don’t care if I am,
because I am furniture.

I don’t get hit
I don’t get fondled
I don’t get loved
because I am furniture.

Suits me fine."


Anke comes from an abusive environment, well at least her mother, brother and sister do. Ignored and invisible Anke is forced to witness some awful and nasty things in her home. However, she doesn’t feel as much as a witness as she feels like she’s either the living room couch or maybe just a coat hanger.
Unfortunately, she simply believes that she isn’t even worthy of the most unpleasant attention of all. Why does Anke believe this? What makes her home so dark and lethal? Her father does. He succeeds in harming her family, his family but he leaves her to just stand and watch. Maybe that’s how he abuses her, by neglectance, by pretending she doesn’t exist?
Fortunately, she makes the volleyball team and being a part of the team has helped her not only build her confidence but discover her voice. Anke learns that if she can make herself heard and noticed at school maybe she can be a little bit more than a piece of furniture at home... just maybe.

Why Read It?

This secretive novel in poems will capture your interest by stealing you away from your reality and put you in Anke’s. Because I Am Furniture will leave you starving to help Anke on her journey through this rough spot in her life, but all you can do is continue reading and support her with all your heart. And that’s all she ever wanted, all she ever needed: A little bit of valuable attention.

My Thoughts

Because I am furniture drew me towards itself even before I had a look at the cover. I mean, I was on the public library website browsing for novels and I came across this one. So I took a closer look and the plot had imprisoned my attention, thus I wrote the title down on my To-Read list.
I came across it in the school library bored and began reading it. When I opened it up to find almost a blank page I was devastated. Where were all the words? Not here. Not on this page. Then I realized it was a novel in poems like Crank by Ellen Hopkins and the other series.
Anyway, I continued reading and I just had to know how Anke solved her problems and how she dealt with things that I couldn’t imagine myself even coping with. Throughout this horrible period in her life I wanted to help her, to be by her side but, truth is, she really needed to learn to speak up on her own... and she managed...
I rated this book a three. Yes, I know it’s a low rating for a book that I think was amazing, but if you go to the legend you’ll see what I mean by a three. Yes, it’s a good book; it’s a fantastic book...except I wouldn’t read it again. I’m not saying that the book isn’t worth reading over and over, but personally I feel bad that Anke had to participate those experiences in her life and I’m not really willing to go through that again. Why though? I’m a sensitive person and I let myself get wrapped up in that book... Now combine that answer with the knowledge you have after you’ve finished reading the book...maybe you’ll see what I mean.

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