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Monday, April 12, 2010

The Definitive Book Of Body Language By Allan And Barbara Pease

Genre: Psychology
Rating: 4/5
Pages: 386


The Definitive Book Of Body Language by Allan and Barbara Pease gives detailed description on people’s nonverbal communication. It teaches you how to read it correctly and use it to make a great first impression or acing a job interview. Discover how palms and handshakes are used to gain control, how the legs reveal what the mind wants to do and especially, the most common gestures of liars.

Why Read It?

If you want to learn about body language or just want to know how to make an excellent first impression this book is one of the best. It provides you with examples and exercises which include diagrams, and steps on how to read someone’s body language efficiently in order to help you communicate more powerfully without needing to speak a word.

My Thoughts
First off, you’re probably trying to figure out why I read this book. Truth is, I read it because I love psychology. Also I craved to know what body language said what. This book taught me so much, and I believe it be very trustworthy.
I rated it a 4 because I would most definitely recommended this to a friend that was interested in body language, or psychology. I think I’ll read again one day, but for now I don’t really have any desire to read it again. It was easy enough to read and comprehend that I’m positive I know a good portion of it.
When I was one the hunt for some good body language books I found that most of them I didn’t even want to try to read. It was just pages of words and they looked much too overwhelming. However, when I found this book full of examples and exercises I knew I would be capable of learning from this book.
Personally, I think that anyone should give this book a just might learn something interesting.

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