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Monday, April 12, 2010

The Last Song By Nicholas Sparks

Genre: Romance, Tragedy
Rating: 5/5
Pages: 390

“Sometimes you have to be a part from people you love, but that doesn't make you love them any less. Sometimes you love them more." –Steve Miller


The life of seventeen year old Veronica “Ronnie” Miller’s life was flipped, twisted, shaken, and in her perspective torn apart when her parents divorced and her Father moved from New York city to Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. For three years, she remains angry and isolates herself from her parents and automatically pushes everyone away, mainly her father, that is, until her mom decides that she and her younger brother should spend the summer with him in North Carolina.
Living a quiet life in the beach town, Ronnie’s father, a former pianist is immersed in creating a work of art that will be the centerpiece of a local church. When Ronnie and her younger brother arrive, he continues his attempts to reach to her even though she insists on rejecting them. Rebellious Ronnie threatens to return home before the summer ends. Then suddenly, everything changes and Ronnie meets the town local heartthrob Will, the last person she thought she’d be interested in. Slowly but surely Ronnie lets her guard down, falls deeply in love, making amends with her father and unknowingly unlocking herself to the greatest happiness and pain that she could have never believed possible.

Why Read It?

The Last Song
will bring the very best of you to the front of your mind. It will make you think and make you see things so much differently. You’ll connect with all the characters and there’s nothing you can do about it. Ronnie will make you see her perspective and her father will make you see his and then you’ll be left dying to solve things for the both of them. Except you can’t and all you can do is read!

My Thoughts

Okay, so I can’t even begin to tell you how well I relate to Ronnie! There are parts of her that are just like me, and parts of her in me which I’m not sure how to unlock. Yes, there are so many girls that could relate to Ronnie, but the way I relate to Ronnie is unbelievable. We think almost the same way, the only thing that Ronnie has really got that I don’t is a lot of guts and a local heartthrob boyfriend.
Nicholas Sparks, wrote this in a way so you could see all the perspectives of the characters and that sure helps you understand things so much better... In other words it’s definitely well-written!
To be completely honest, the only reason why I read this book was because I knew Miley Cyrus was going to be in the movie. (And yeah, I’m a Miley Cyrus fan!) But I’m so glad I read it and I’m sure I would have eventually gotten around to reading it even if there wasn’t going to be a movie because I want to read Dear John (which I haven’t read yet, but will soon) and then probably or actually hopefully I would have discovered this book.
Focusing on Ronnie, I just stopped and thought about her character and thought, WOW, this girl is having a really hard time, even though most of it was her fault, and I just had to know how she got through it all.
The Last Song’s atmosphere changed immensely and continually throughout the plot. I believe that that is what made it such a touching novel and one that I never want to let go of!
What I learned from Ronnie... I learned that bottling anger up as she did is probably the most life ruining experience you will ever have and also extremely unhealthy! What I also discovered by reading about her is that I will always want to keep my friends and family close and that was the biggest mistake that she made...she pushed everyone away from her. The third thing I gained from her was that I should say what’s on my mind and always stand up for myself and what I believe in. I’m so glad I learned those lessons, and what’s just as great is that she learns them too!
I’ve never had a favourite book before, never actually. I mean Twilight was never even my favourite book... maybe a favourite series or something... but The Last Song is DEFINITLEY a FIVE OUT OF FIVE!!!!
So, please do me a big favour... or actually, correction... do yourself a big favour and keep your head attached your shoulders by READING the book BEFORE you see the MOVIE because for those who know me personally, when it came to Twilight, New Moon and now soon Eclipse, I was all on your case about reading the book first!!!!

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