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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dark Guardian: Full Moon by Rachel Hawthorne (Book 2)

Genre: Romance, Fantasy
Rating: 5/5
Pages: 272

"-things had suddenly became very confusing and complicated. My feelings, my emotions - they were all over the place. my heart was telling me one thing, my head another." -Lindsay


Lindsay has always known her heritage. And when it comes to choosing her mate to transform with for her first full moon, the choice was obvious—Connor. She’s known Connor her entire life, literally. However, things get complicated when Rafe, shows up. And suddenly Lindsay has developed an unrelenting attraction to Rafe and she begins to doubt her future with Connor. She realizes her relationship with Connor is nothing like the sparks between Kayla and Lucas. Lindsay has to decide quickly before her transformation who is a good friend and who is her true love.

Why Read It?

This suspenseful Dark Guardian novel will tear you to pieces, like a dog and his favourite chew toy. You’ll stay up all night reading this one...

My Thoughts

This is not a book I have read this year. I am simply putting it up here to go with the book Dark of the Moon which is the third book in the series.
Full Moon picks up where Moonlight left off; only this novel follows Lindsay’s perspective, who is Kayla’s best friend. I liked that about the series. It keeps it fresh and I wasn’t so sure where Kayla and Lucas would be left for a second book. I’m glad Rachel Hawthorne continued the story this way...
This is my favourite book out of the series so far. Full Moon had that atmosphere where it doesn’t matter what decision you make someone’s going to get hurt... So you might as well make one that suits you best. However, Lindsay doesn’t even know what is going to be best for her. Should she choose between the boy she’s only just met or the one she’s known her entire life? What a difficult complicated decision.
Rachel Hawthorne will have you guessing to the very end. She sure had me guessing all the way through, because honestly if I were her I didn’t even know who I would have chosen... if I were her of course. If it were me... Rafe, for sure.
You know how I mentioned I’m really good at losing stuff and being forgetful earlier in the post for Moonlight. Well, I lost this book. I can’t find it anywhere! I’ll let you know when I come across it, hopefully soon. Wish me luck!

Click Here To Read A Portion Of Full Moon

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