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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Grave by James Heneghan

Genre: Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, Adventure
Rating: 5/5
Pages: 236

"I've got a story to tell. I'll be surprised if anybody believes it because sometimes I don't even believe it myself. But I've got to tell it. It all started when I fell into a black hole. Or was dragged, more like..." -Tom


Tom Mullen was abandoned in a department store as a baby, now at thirteen years old he is still being moved from one foster home to another. When he hears rumours about a mass grave being unburied on his school property he can’t stay away from it.
One day when Tom falls into its terrible darkness and beyond where hi discovers he is no longer in Liverpool in 1974 but in Ireland in 1847. A family named Monaghan takes him in, and for the first time Tom experiences what it is like to have parents and siblings who care for one another.
But why has Tom been transported across time and place, any why must the grave keep yanking him back to its dreary, lonely existence in Liverpool? Most of all, what does it mean that the Monaghan’s son Tully is practically Tom’s double?

Why Read It?

Just like Tom has been drawn and pulled into the grave, you won’t be able to escape this heart-warming story.

My Thoughts

When I read The Grave, it was three years ago for English class grade seven. I was not found of it, because it seemed so dreary and unappealing, but once the teachers convinced me it was a good book I got into it al little book and only a few months later did I truly realize what a good book this is. My brother has read it now also, and just like me I don’t think he was all that into it. I don’t think he’s going to appreciate the story for a little while longer, but that’s ok.
This book is something I’m going to have to read again and soon this year... I’m not sure when though... for now it will be placed on the list of book I’ve read but not this year, and then when I read it I’ll add it to the books I’ve read this year... However, I don’t know if I will write a second review for this book. I probably will since it definitely deserves two reviews.
I hope you get around to reading this wonderful time-travelling story!

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