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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dark Guardian: Moonlight by Rachel Hawthorne (Book 1)

Genre: Romance, Fantasy
Rating: 5/5
Pages: 263

“He wrapped his hands around my arms. I thought he would jerk me toward him now and plant that kiss I so desperately wanted. Instead he said solemnly, “Kayla, you’re one of us.” -Kayla


Kayla is just about to turn seventeen, and little does she know that that this birthday is the one that will be more life changing than turning sixteen or eighteen...
When she was only five nature-lover Kayla’s parents were accidentally killed by hunters who claimed they saw two wolves in the woods. Now she’s back in the forest because he shrink suggests that going back will help her deal with her burden. Kayla goes willingly because she loves the wilderness but learns she feels more at home here than anywhere else.
Lucas, the guy Kayla soon stumbles upon is dangerous, gorgeous and attracts Kayla like a magnet. However, that’s not all Kayla comes across with... a greater danger lurks and it’s just around the corner...

Why Read It?

This Dark Guardian Novel will make you melt. It’s the perfect and complete romance novel that will keep you as captive as Lucas’s eyes keep Kayla.

My Thoughts

This is not a book I have read this year. I am simply putting it up here to go with the book Dark of the Moon which is the third book in the series.
It’s good I have a strong memory, well most of the time I had a good strong memory. I tend to be prone to forget and lose things almost twenty-four/seven. But I wouldn’t be able to forget this book if I tried. Kayla and Lucas are characters in love that I was most jealous of.
When I picked this book off the shelf I knew I had to read it. I usually pick books with characters that I believe I will relate to. Kayla has a similar name to mine (Kaylee) and red hair pretty much the same shade. I could say our personalities are rather similar but not really maybe one or two things.
Mainly I just enjoyed sitting back and relaxing as I read this love story and yes... it does have to do with werewolves. I decided to leave that out of the summary I had written for you guys but I thought I’d say that here. So it’s a romance-werewolf book. Why not? It was astounding and it’s the first one in the series, in other words the story doesn’t end just yet!

Click Here To Read A Portion Of Moonlight

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