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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Millicent’s Gift by Ann Rinaldi

Genre: Paranormal, Supernatural, Magic, Problem Novel, Tragedy
Rating: 2/5
Pages: 218

"It's special, this Gift, and all women and some men in my family have it, and because I will turn fourteen in September, I'm coming to the end of my apprenticeship and will soon be able to use it." -Millicent


Millicent’s fourteenth birthday won’t be an ordinary day. In her family, turning fourteen means receiving a magical Gift: the ability to make one wish on life that will come true.
But Millicent isn’t sure she’s ready for that kind of of power. As her birthday draws closer, she realizes more and more how dangerous her magic is, and how difficult the choices ahead will be. Struggling with secrets, love, and betrayal, in the end Millicent has to make the hardest decision of all.

Why Read It?

Magic is one of the most popular and desired thing in the world. Millicent’s Gift will give you a good idea of what it’s like to hold so much power at such a young age.

My Thoughts

I think that this book COULD be amazing, but I think it needs more work put into it to truly beocme a hit. I might reccomend it to someone who prefers short, simple stories about magic, but otherwise not so much. However, it did hold something important: I believe it's theme was to make your own decisions wisely except I've enver been good with themes so don't take my word for it.
Everyone wants magic, right? Or at least there has been one point in everyone’s life where they wished they could have magic, maybe a wish or even a super power. Millicent has one wish, and she doesn’t know what to do with it. That’s more than anyone can handle with high school and then on top of that everyone knows about it.
Something I would just like to slip into here is that love is the closest thing we have to magic. It doesn’t have much to do with the book, but I just want to say that. I think that’s why everyone craves a romance so much.
Throughout the story, Millicent is learning who she is and facing decisions that are placed at the highest level of difficulty. She’s just like another teenager but her life is completely twisted up in magic and she just wishes that she had a normal life.
All in all, it was a good book, I enjoyed it and I think a lot of people would feel the same way, then again maybe not.

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